Gas Fireplace, Yakima WA

Gas Fireplace Sales, Service & Restoration in Central Washington

Learn About The Many Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces can offer a variety of benefits; they are:


  • easy to maintain
  • significantly less messy
  • very cost effective

Also, gas fireplaces offer a constant heat supply, unlike traditional wood burning fireplaces which require stoking and feeding.

Safe, easy and convenient. Safety is a big part of this as well, removing the the ash and spark factor. Keep in mind there is also no need for a chimney and the associated costs that come with chimney care and dangerous creosote buildup.

A large convenience for homeowners is that more and more gas fireplace units have a remote included with the install.

We also perform gas fireplace restoration services, which includes:
  • Inspecting for damage or cracks
  • Polishing glass
  • Touch up finishes
  • Tighten electrical wiring
  • Verifying manufacturer setup

Leave the Gas Fireplace Work to the Professionals

Overall gas fireplaces are easy to maintain, significantly easier to clean up and are safer for pets, family and your home.

Doesn't mean they don't need TLC. Occasionally, gas fireplaces need to be checked by a professional (recommended each year before use).

Contact Allard Enterprises to get an estimate on gas fireplace repairs or maintenance for your Yakima, WA home or business.

We can inspect and replace and worn or damaged parts. We highly recommend you have a professional come and inspect your fireplace once a year.

This will help keep the unity working efficiently and you and your family safe. Remember, gaskets can wear out and leak carbon monoxide so it's important to call and let us provide reassurance that your gas fireplace is in proper working condition.