RV Systems, Yakima WA

Don't Compromise on Your Comfort

Get your RV cooling systems up and running in Central Washington

For more than 30 years, the staff at Allard Enterprises Heating, Cooling & Gas Fireplace has been invested in the sales, repair and service of recreational vehicles, or RVs. Recreational vehicles have become incredibly complex and now include HVAC units with what are called "integrated controls."

This system constantly monitors the climate in your RV and can even turn on the air conditioner before you get into the hot vehicle. Is it cold outside? The newest RV heating systems will keep the interior of your RV toasty warm.

To make sure they are running as they should, all RV cooling systems need a regular checkup. Call 509-575-0955 today and make an appointment in Central Washington.

Troubleshooting your RV's heating and cooling system

The team at Allard Enterprises Heating, Cooling & Gas Fireplace stands behind our work on RV cooling systems. We believe you should be comfortable in your motor home all year long. If you notice any of the following issues with your HVAC unit, call Allard Enterprises Heating, Cooling & Gas Fireplace immediately:


  • The unit does not run.
  • The unit runs but doesn't blow any air.
  • The unit blows warm air when set to AC.
  • The unit's thermostat doesn't work.
  • The unit is leaking.
  • The unit is very cold or iced over.




By addressing these issues right away, you can avoid more complicated, expensive repairs on your motor home down the road.

Don't forget- cold weather means a lot of work for your recreational vehicle's system. Schedule a checkup for your RV heating systems soon.